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Tree Pruning and Cabling in Highland Park, Illinois

Trimming Services


Whether you own a tree that has drooping limbs, dead branches or simply needs a trim, our team of professionals can help. We have no height restrictions when it comes to tree trimming because our team of landscapers uses climbers for the most effective tree trimming. We do not utilize spiked shoes or heavy equipment, providing you with a fast and affordable tree trimming service.

Tree Removal


If you are looking for a professional landscaper to help you remove an unwanted tree, call us right away. We offer tree removal services for trees that may be causing plumbing issues, decreasing the appearance of your home, or simply unwanted. Our skilled crew foreman and operations field manager will ensure that your tree removal is follow through safely and properly.

Stump Grinding Services

Stump Grinding

With our stump grinding services, you can completely excavate an unwanted tree with ease. If you are looking to replace an old tree with a new tree, flowers, or shrubs, you may want to remove the entire stump. It is important when removing your tree stump to remove major roots in the vicinity as well. With our skill, we provide you with complete tree stump removal with ease and efficiency.

About Superior Tree Service, Inc.

Our team of landscapers is proud to offer residents of Highland Park, Gurnee, Buffalo Grove, and Lake Forest with the most incredible results on tree removal and trimming services. As leading providers in the area, we ensure to provide residents with the most incredible options in safe and efficient tree services. Established in 2005 we have provided residents with the most superior tree services available. Whether you have a dead tree that needs removal or simply a routine tree trim, we have the best equipment to exceed your expectations.

At Superior Tree Service, Inc. we utilize the best equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. With our services, you can enhance the appearance of your home or office with our superb tree trimming services. Many clients seek our services because they have overhanging trees, accumulating mold, build up, or damaged to their roofs, as well as roots causing plumbing problems . If you are experiencing any issues with your home’s tree call us right away at (847) 220-5183 for immediate help.

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Tree Pruning and Removal Services

If you own a property with big beautiful trees that always seem to shed leaves, we can help. Our team of professional tree trimmers offers safe and efficient tree trimming to meet your needs. We value the life each tree which is why we offer tree pruning to remove dead leaves and branches for a clean and appealing look. Unlike our competitors who butcher trees leaving them frail and leafless, our team will provide you with exceptional tree pruning for a full yet groomed tree.

In addition to our tree trimming services, we also offer tree removal services as well. If you find yourself in need of a dependable team to provide you with efficient tree removal services, we are the team for you. Each of our incredible landscapers can perform the most incredible tree removal, supervised by our crew foreman and operations field manager. Rest assured when you choose our team of experts for you tree removal and trimming services, you will never be disappointed.

Tree Pruning

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